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XXI Iberoamerican Congress on Higher Education in Computing (CIESC-2013)

CIESC 2013 is the continuation of a series of academic meetings originated in 1991, in Chile. It was integrated to CLEI in 1999. It is moving from country to country in Iberoamerica, renewing the objective of gathering academics and professionals dedicated to undergraduate and graduate education in the field of computing.

The congress will include several activities higlighting presentations of research papers, forums, discoution panels, lectures, tutorials, and talks of prominent personalities in the field of higher education in computing.


Topics of the Conference

XX CIESC is calling for contributions. The topics of interest of the conference include the following subjects in Higher Education in Computing (but is not limited to):

  • Initiatives on Higher Education in Computing (results of pedagogical approaches, tools, environments and methods, new topics, experiences and specialties).
  • Problems of Higher Education in Computing and proposals to overcome them (motivation, attrition, competence with the industry).
  • Process of accreditation of computing careers.
  • Curriculum design based on competences required by the industry.
  • Development and training for entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Tools and environments to support teaching and learning.
  • New methodologies for the teaching-learning process.
  • Distance learning of computing concepts.
  • Teaching social and ethical issues in computing.



Silvana Roncagliolo

Jonas Montilva


Members of the Program Committee

  • Álvarez Juan (UCh, Chile)
  • Bermudez Manuel (UF, USA)
  • Besembel Isabel (ULA, Venezuela)
  • Bigonha Mariza (UFMG, Brazil)
  • Clua Esteban (UFF, Brazil)
  • Collazos Cesar (Unicauca, Colombia)
  • Cuadros-Vargas Ernesto (UCSP, Peru)
  • da Rosa Sylvia (UdelaR, Uruguay)
  • Díaz Margarita (ULPGC, Spain)
  • Ferreira Carlos Eduardo (USP, Brazil)
  • González Vicente (UCA, Paraguay)
  • Grimón Francisca (UCV, Venezuela)
  • Hernández Domingo (ULA, Venezuela)
  • Maguitman Ana Gabriela (UNS, Argentina)
  • Marin Gabriela (UCR, Costa Rica)
  • Martínez Natalia (UCI, Cuba)
  • Martins Simone (UFF, Brazil)
  • Mata Francisco (UNA, Costa Rica)
  • Montilva Jonás (ULA, Venezuela)
  • Moro Mirella (UFMG, Brazil)
  • Ochoa Sergio (UCh, Chile)
  • Oliveira Clara (UFSC, Brazil)
  • Rexachs Dolores (UAB, Spain)
  • Roncagliolo Silvana (PUCV, Chile)
  • Sandia Beatriz (ULA, Venezuela)
  • Tasistro Alvaro (ORT, Uruguay)