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XX Latin American Contest of Master Thesis (CLTM-2013)

The XX Latin American Contest of Master Thesis (CLTM) is an anual event that is realized as part of CLEI 2013. The objective is to promote and transmit the work of Latin American students who have recently completed their Master Thesis in Computation.

Graduated students in master programs in Latin American Universities during the period, April 1st, 2012 up to March 31th, 2013 may participate in the contest. The work submitted must be individual (can not be done by a group of students).

To participate in the contest, a summary of the thesis should be submitted. A Committee will select the three best theses.

To receive the award, a oral presentation of winning theses must be done at CLEI 2013. The summary of each winning thesis will be published in the proceedings of the XXXIX Latin American conference on computation (CLEI 2013), to be held in Venezuela, 7 – 11 October 2013.


Information for the Submission of a Master Thesis

Thesis can be written in Spanish, Portuguese, or English and have to be submitted until April 15, 2013 in PDF format. Candidates must send  three (3) files, each one of which must adjust to the following indications:

First File (Presentation Page):
The first document must include the following information in PDF format:

  • Title of the work
  • Author name and e-mail (we insist that only individual work will be accepted)
  • Institution of affiliation
  • Institution address, including telephone and fax numbers
  • Name, e-mail, and address of the thesis adviser.

Second File (Short version of the master thesis):
A short version of the master thesis (between 10 to 20 pages) in Spanish, Portuguese, or English must be sent in PDF format taking as reference the format for articles of IEEE (Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings). This document must include an “abstract” (limited to 300 words) and “keywords” (up to five keywords). That is, it must be presented as if it were a paper.

Third File (Supporting Documents):
The last file must include all the required documents necessary to demonstrate the author’s graduation. At least, it must contain a copy of the master grade certificate within the dates (April 1st, 2012 to March 31th, 2013)  or the equivalent document. Candidates are encouraged to scan all these documents and put them altogether in a PDF file.

Files must be uploaded into EasyChair. Once you are logged into EasyChair, you must choose the CLTM 2013 and upload the files.

In the case that you do not have an account in EasyChair, you can create one through this link.



Carlos Brizuela

Mariela Curiel


Members of the Program Committee

  • Abad Mota Soraya (USB, Venezuela)
  • Andrade Aline (UFBA, Brazil)
  • Astudillo Hernan (UTFSM, Chile)
  • Barreto Raimundo (UFAM, Brazil)
  • Barrios Judith (ULA, Venezuela)
  • Barrios Aranibar Dennis (UCSP, Peru)
  • Beck Héctor (UTA, Chile)
  • Beltrán Castañón César (USP, Brazil)
  • Besembel Isabel (ULA, Venezuela)
  • Brogi Antonio (UNIPI, Italia)
  • Calderón Ruiz Guillermo (UCSM, Peru)
  • Cavalcanti Rocha Ana Regina (UFRJ, Brazil)
  • Cavalheiro Gerson (UFPEL, Brazil)
  • Choren Ricardo (IME, Brazil)
  • Contreras Ricardo (UDEC, Chile)
  • Contreras Xiomara (USB, Venezuela)
  • Cuadros-Vargas Ernesto (UCSP, Peru)
  • Curado Marilia (UC, Portugal)
  • Dávila Jacinto (ULA, Venezuela)
  • de Oliveira Silva Flávio (UFU, Brazil)
  • Endo Andre (USP, Brazil)
  • Fabregat Ramon (UDG, Spain)
  • Fermé Eduardo (UMA, Portugal)
  • Figueira Carlos (USB, Venezuela)
  • Garcies Miquel (UIB, Spain)
  • Giret Adriana (UPV, Spain)
  • Godoy Daniela (UNICEN, Argentina)
  • Gutiérrez Gilberto (UBIOBIO, Chile)
  • Heymann Elisa (UAB, Spain)
  • Juiz Carlos (UIB, Spain)
  • Leiss Ernst (UH, USA)
  • Lera Isacc (UIB, Spain)
  • López Carlos (ORT, Uruguay)
  • López Orozco José A. (UCM, Spain)
  • Machado Rodrigo (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Maguitman Ana (UNS, Argentina)
  • Mata Francisco (UN, Costa Rica)
  • Mendoza Luis Eduardo (USB, Venezuela)
  • Monard Maria Carolina (USP, Brazil)
  • Monteiro Magna (UNA, Paraguay)
  • Nabhan Masun (USB, Venezuela)
  • Nunes Daltro (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Nuñez Haydemar (UCV, Venezuela)
  • Ochoa Luna José Eduardo (UCSP, Peru)
  • Paredes Rodrigo (UTALCA, Chile)
  • Pons Claudia (UNLP-UAI, Argentina)
  • Pont Ana (UPV, Spain)
  • Puigjaner Ramon (UIB, Spain)
  • Quiles Francisco-José (UCLM, Spain)
  • Rodriguez Ricardo (UBA, Argentina)
  • Sabiguero Ariel (UdelaR, Uruguay)
  • Santos Rodrigo (CRIBA, Argentina)
  • Sarria Gerardo (PUJ, Colombia)
  • Schiaffino Silvia (UNICEN, Argentina)
  • Serra Tomeu (UIB, Spain)
  • Sichman Jaime (USP, Brazil)
  • Simao Adenilso (USP, Brazil)
  • Simari Guillermo (UNS, Argentina)
  • Soares Da Silva Altigran (UFAM, Brazil)
  • Soto Maria A. (UBIOBIO, Chile)
  • Stecher Rodolfo (UCA, Paraguay)
  • Storti Mario (CIMEC, Argentina)
  • Strube de Lima Vera Lúcia (PUCRS, Brazil)
  • T. de Clunie Gisela (UTP, Panama)
  • Teruel Alejandro (USB, Venezuela)
  • Testuri Carlos E. (UdelaR, Uruguay)
  • Tirado Francisco (UCM, Spain)
  • Urquhart María E. (UdelaR, Uruguay)
  • Vargas Enrique (UCA, Paraguay)
  • Vidal Ma. Esther (USB, Venezuela)
  • Villarroel Rodolfo (PUCV, Chile)
  • Walter Marcelo (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Welfer Daniel (UNIPAMPA, Brazil)
  • Zunino Alejandro (UNICEN, Argentina)


Results of the Contest

We are pleased to announce the three winning master thesis of CLTM-2013. The selection was hard due to the large number of dissertations of very good academic quality that were sent, and their thematic variety that makes difficult the comparison between works in different areas of knowledge. It is the desire of the Program Committee that all students, regardless of having or not received an award, continue doing good work and have the best of success in their academic or professional career.

The three winning masters thesis are:

  • FIRST PRIZE: Ernesto Copello (Universidad ORT Uruguay, Uruguay) “Inferencia de Tipos de Sesión”
  • SECOND PRIZE: Leissi Margarita Castañeda León (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil) “Detecção de objetos em vídeos usando misturas de modelos baseados em partes deformáveis obtidas de a um conjunto de imagens”
  • THIRD PRIZE: Gustavo Alkmim (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil) “Mapeamento de Redes Virtuais em Substratos de Rede”

For CLTM-2013, we received 48 masters thesis from 10 different countries (Argentina: 2, Brazil: 21, Chile: 3, Colombia: 2, Cuba: 12, Mexico: 1, Paraguay: 1, Peru: 1, Uruguay: 2, Venezuela: 3)