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Shedule of the Symposium of Innovative Data Systems


Monday, October 7th, 2013 (CLEI SID1)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 197 Integration Perspectives of Organizational Knowledge Management and Social Network Analysis
Mariel Ale (AR) and María Rosa Galli (AR)
14:24 – 14:48 313 Mediation and Graph Data Models for Medical Data Integration
Maria Constanza Pabón (CO), Guillermo Andrés Montoya (CO), and Marta Millán (CO)
14:48 – 15:12 392 On the performance and use of spatial OLAP tools
Renata Bianchi (BR), Guilherme Hatano (BR), and Thiago Siqueira (BR)
15:12 – 15:36 434 Spatial Data Warehouses and SOLAP Using Open-Source Tools
Leonardo Pandolfi (CR) and Diana Bogantes (CR)
15:36 – 16:00 381 Interpretative Ontology: Supervision and Diagnostic
Taniana J Rodríguez (VE), Jose Aguilar (VE), Addison Rios (VE), Francklin Rivas (VE), and Audine Subias (FR)


Monday, October 7th, 2013 (CLEI SID2)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
16:30 – 16:54 200 About Fuzzy Query Procesing
José Tomás Cadenas (VE), Leonid Tineo (VE), and Ricardo Timarán Pereira (CO)
16:54 – 17:18 351 Experiences on Fuzzy DBMS: Implementation and use
Ana Aguilera (VE), Livia Borjas (VE), Rosseline Rodríguez (VE), and Leonid Tineo (VE)
17:18 – 17:42 304 Towards a data quality model for open data portals
Edgar Oviedo (CR), Jose Norberto Mazon (ES), and Jose Jacobo Zubcoff (ES)
17:42 – 18:06 136 Improve Spreading Activation Algorithm Using Link Assessment Between Actors from a Mobile Phone Company Network Based on SMS Traffic
Aldo Perinetto (PY), Wilfrido Inchaustti (PY), Luca Cernuzzi (PY), and Mario Bort (PY)
18:06 – 18:30 251 Methodology for detecting the feasibility of using data mining in an organization
Jose Aguilar (VE), Mariela Cerrada (VE), Junior Altamiranda (VE), Fannia Pacheco (VE), and Carlos Rangel (VE)