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Schedule of the Symposium of Infrastructure, Hardware, and Software


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI IHSW1)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 239* Reliable Composite Web Services Execution: Towards a Dynamic Recovery Decision
Rafael Angarita (FR), Yudith Cardinale (VE), and Marta Rukoz (FR)
14:24 – 14:48 272 A library for parallel thread-level speculation
Jose Aguilar (VE) and Gabriel Campero (VE)
14:48 – 15:12 244 Virtual Machine Placement. A Multi-Objective Approach
Fabio Lopez (PY), Elias Melgarejo (PY), and Benjamin Baran (PY)
15:12 – 15:36 388 GRiNGA: A Service-oriented Middleware for Interactive TV Grids
Sebastião E. Alves Filho (BR) and Claudia Ribeiro (BR)
15:36 – 16:00 224 Distributed Chronicles for Recognition of Failures in Web Services Composition
Juan Vizcarrondo (VE), Jose Aguilar (VE), Ernesto Exposito (FR), and Audine Subias (FR)


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI IHSW2)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
16:30 – 16:54 52 Calibration of the parameters of ESS System for Forest Fire Prediction
German Bianchini (AR) and Paola Caymes-Scutari (AR)
16:54 – 17:18 188* Topology Control in Cooperative Ad Hoc Networks
Thiago Neves (BR) and Jacir Luiz Bordim (BR)
17:18 – 17:42 178 Optical Multicast with Protection against Node Failure. An approach based on MOACO
Aditardo Vázquez (PY), Diego Pedro Pinto Roa (PY), and Enrique Davalos (PY)
17:42 – 18:06 189 A Solution for Identifying Users in Pervasive Environments Using Percontrol
Valderi Leithardt (BR), Luiz Correia (BR), Guilherme Borges (BR), Anubis Rossetto (BR), Carlos Rolim (BR), Claudio Geyer (BR), Duarte Raposo (PT), David Nunes (PT), Jorge Silva (PT)
18:06 – 18:30 23 An Energy Efficient Multi-Channel Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Thiago Neves (BR) and Jacir Luiz Bordim (BR)


Thursday, October 10th, 2013 (CLEI IHSW3)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 160 Robust Network Design under Uncertain Taffic. An approach based on Genetic Algorithm
Brenda Diaz (PY), Diego P. Pinto-Roa (PY), and Christian von Lucken (PY)
14:24 – 14:48 261 Analytical Performance Evaluation of Native IPv6 and Several Tunneling Technics using Benchmarking Tools
Francisco Sans (VE) and Eric Gamess (VE)
14:48 – 15:12 452 Study and characterization of storage device traces for determining the presence of selfsimilar model
Armando Borrero (VE) and Carlos Quintero (VE)