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Schedule of the Symposium of Software Engineering


Monday, October 7th, 2013 (CLEI IS1)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 38 Graph Modelling of a Refactoring Process for Product Line Architecture Design
Francisca Losavio (VE), Oscar Ordaz (VE), Nicole Levy (FR), and Anthony Baiotto (FR)
14:24 – 14:48 223 Refactoring Java code by transformation rules in QVT-Relation
Ariel Gonzalez (AR), Marcelo Ariel Uva (AR), and Mariana Frutos (AR)
14:48 – 15:12 429 Analyzing Formal Requirements Specifications using an Off-The-Shelf Model Checker
Gastón Scilingo (AR), María Marta Novaira (AR), Renzo Degiovanni (AR), and Nazareno Aguirre (AR)
15:12 – 15:36 221 A Proposal of a Software Package Insert Using Mind Maps
Fernando Cesar De Lima (BR), José Augusto Fabri (BR), and Alexandre L’Erario (BR)
15:36 – 16:00 130* An Ontological Rule-Based Approach for Analyzing Dead and False Optional Features in Feature Models
Luisa Rincón (CO), Gloria Giraldo (CO), Raul Mazo (CO), and Camille Salinesi (FR)


Monday, October 7th, 2013 (CLEI IS2)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
16:30 – 16:54 185 A Maturity Model for Lesson Learned – GAIA L.A.: A Case Study aiming to increase the quality of Knowledge Management in Software Development
Anderson De Souza Góes (BR), Marco Ikuro Hisatomi (BR), and Rodolfo Barros (BR)
16:54 – 17:18 193 Standard Quality Model to Enterprise Architecture Support Tools
Javier Escobar (VE), Francisca Losavio (VE), and Dinarle Ortega (VE)
17:18 – 17:42 247 A Process Framework for Software Projects Portfolio Management in Accorddance to Quality Standards
Maurício Souza (BR) and Sandro Bezerra (BR)
17:42 – 18:06 331 Integration of IHC techniques in software processes based on a model of process improvement
Natércia Nogueira (BR) and Elizabeth Furtado (BR)
18:06 – 18:30 292 Evaluation of an Implementation Guide for an IT Standard Using Surveys
Adrian Lara (CR) and Marcelo Jenkins (CR)


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI IS3)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
10:00 – 10:24 275 Goal Oriented Techniques and Methods: Goal Refinement and Levels of Abstraction
Mayela Delgado (VE), Francisca Losavio (VE), and Alfredo Matteo (VE)
10:24 – 10:48 359 MeRinde process model adaptation with Requirements Engineering techniques supported by Free Software tools
Carmen Salazar (VE), Francisca Losavio (VE), and Alfredo Matteo (VE)
10:48 – 11:12 267 A Strategy for Supporting the Allocation of the Requirements Specification Phase in Distributed Software Development
Euclides Matusse (BR), Edson Oliveira Junior (BR), Elisa Huzita (BR), and Tania Tait (BR)
11:12 – 11:36 34 Domain Analysis Unified Process integrating Quality Standards, Aspect and Goal Orientations
Irma Pacilli (VE), Francisca Losavio (VE), and Alfredo Matteo (VE)
11:36 – 12:00 386 A process for Aspect-Oriented Quality Requirements Engineering: AOQuaRE
Isi Castillo (VE), Francisca Losavio (VE), and Alfredo Matteo (VE)


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI IS4)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
10:00 – 10:24 99 Business Process Verification using a Formal Compositional Approach and Timed Automata
Luis Eduardo Mendoza Morales (VE)
10:24 – 10:48 436 Automatic generation of SOAs for Business Process execution: a vision based on models
Andrea Delgado (UY) and Laura González (UY)
10:48 – 11:12 256 A Process Model based on Enterprise Architecture for ICT Management
Jonás Montilva (VE), Judith Barrios (VE), William Montilva (VE), and Isabel Besembel (VE)
11:12 – 11:36 312 Communication Maturity in DSD Environments
José Antonio Gonçalves (BR), Alexandre L´erario (BR), José Fabri (BR), Rodrigo Palácios (BR), and Alessandro Silveira Duarte (BR)


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI IS5)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 187 Accessibility evaluation of web portals of Chilean universities affiliated to the Council of Rectors
Roberto Muñoz (CL), René Noël (CL), Thiago Barcelos (BR), Carlos Becerra (CL), Claudia Vargas (CL), and Arturo Sepúlveda (CL)
14:24 – 14:48 357 Criteria for Evaluation and Development of Content Management Systems with focus in Accessible Websites
Alfredo Gomes Araújo Neto (BR), Isaque Elcio Souza (BR), and Paulo Afonso Parreira Júnior (BR)
14:48 – 15:12 362* Security Testing Methodology for Vulnerabilities Detection of XSS in Web Services and WS-Security
Marcelo Salas (BR) and Eliane Martins (BR)
15:12 – 15:36 209 An Approach to Support the Software Project Management for Mobile Devices
Sidgley C. Andrade (BR), Tania F. C. Tait (BR), Elisa H. M. Huzita (BR), Donizete C. Bruzarosco (BR), and Marcelo Carmizini (BR)
15:36 – 16:00 274 Android MALL Apps for Japanese Language: Identifying and Eliciting Interface/Interaction Requirements through the Semiotic Framework
Juvane Nunes Marciano (BR), Leonardo Cunha de Miranda (BR), Erica Esteves Cunha de Miranda (BR), and Roberto Pereira (BR)


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI IS6)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
16:30 – 16:54 128 Towards a model-driven approach for promoting Cloud PaaS Portability
Elias Silva (BR), Daniel Lucrédio (BR), Victor Silva (BR), and Renata Fortes (BR)
16:54 – 17:18 173 Selection of Cloud Computing Services Using Reinforcement Learning
Ana Sofia Zalazar (AR), Silvio Gonnet (AR), and Horacio Leone (AR)
17:18 – 17:42 310 Domotic based on Arduino Platform: State of the Art and New Hardware Trends
Diego Henrique Dantas de Oliveira (BR), Gabriel Alves Vasiljevic Mendes (BR), Leonardo Cunha de Miranda (BR), Erica Esteves Cunha de Miranda (BR), and Lyrene Silva (BR)
17:42 – 18:06 144 Hierarchical Control of Focus and Input Events in Hypermedia Applications
Marcio Moreno (BR) and Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares (BR)


Thursday, October 10th, 2013 (CLEI IS7)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 342 Integrating the Methodological Frameworks WATCH and SCRUM A Method Engineering Approach
Judith Barrios Albornoz (VE) and Jonás Montilva (VE)
14:24 – 14:48 276 Using PABC-Pattern for Knowledge Codification: An Empirical Study
Jacilane Rabelo (BR), Davi Viana (BR), Gleison Santos (BR), and Tayana Conte (BR)
14:48 – 15:12 219 A Collaborative Tool for Systematic Mapping
Rafael Souza (BR), Carlos Lopes (BR), Fabio Bezerra (BR), and Cleidson De Souza (BR)
15:12 – 15:36 422* Semi-automated Tool Recommender for Software Development Processes
Marina Pilar (CL), Jocelyn Simmonds (CL), and Hernan Astudillo (CL)