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Schedule of the Symposium of Informatics and Society


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI SOC1)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 417 AINIDIU: An experience among university, organizations and government
Janio Jadan (CR)
14:24 – 14:48 25 Promoting digital inclusion of public school teachers through new technologies: An experience report
Adelito Borba Farias (BR), Felipe Oliveira Miranda Cunha (BR), Mychelline Henrique (BR), and Pasqueline Dantas Scaico (BR)
14:48 – 15:12 159 Beyond digital inclusion: Social appropriation of information and communication technologies
Nancy Zambrano (VE)
15:12 – 15:36 227 Heterogeneous Integration Platform based on free software: Virtual Campus of the University of Nueva Esparta
Wilpia Flores (VE), Nelly Meléndez (VE), Héctor Hernández (VE), and Luis Coelho (VE)


Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (CLEI SOC2)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
16:30 – 16:54 161 Usage and Limitations of Free and Open-Source Software in Costa Rican Local Governments
Francisco J. Mata (CR) and Ariella Quesada (CR)
16:54 – 17:18 373 RITA: an innovative didactic-pedagogical high school tool
Claudia Alejandra Queiruga (AR), Laura Andrea Fava (AR), Claudia Banchoff Tzancoff (AR), Vanessa Aybar Rosales (AR), Isabel Miyuki Kimura (AR), and Matías Eduardo Brown Bertneche (AR)
17:18 – 17:42 315 Mobile Course: Development of a Mobile App to Access University Courses Information
Mario Chacón (CR) and Cesar Garita (CR)
17:42 – 18:06 375 Publishing of Student Projects in a Learning Object Institutional Repository through Integration with a Virtual Learning Environment
Javier Diaz (AR), Alejandra Schiavoni (AR), Ana Paola Amadeo (AR), and Maria Emilia Charnelli (AR)
18:06 – 18:30 238 Innovation Management in Software: Case Studies from the Costa Rican Software Development Industry
Ariella Quesada (CR) and Francisco J. Mata (CR)


Thursday, October 10th, 2013 (CLEI SOC3)

Time Paper ID Paper Title
14:00 – 14:24 8 YATIRI – Tourist Information Platform of region Puno for mobile devices
Irenio Luis Chagua Aduviri (PE), Yalmar Ponce Atencio (PE), Jose Eduardo Aldo Valdivia Velázquez (PE), Zulema Lilian Mamani Huacani (PE), and Luz Delia Calsin Ramos (PE)
14:24 – 14:48 258 Patient identification using biometric systems at the Hospital de Clínicas
Roberto Cristaldo (PY), Cynthia Villalba (PY), Ellen Méndez (PY), and Guillermo González (PY)
14:48 – 15:12 361 Ontology and Semantic Wiki for an Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory
Renzo Stanley (CL) and Hernán Astudillo (CL)
15:12 – 15:36 181 System for Dichotomic Identification of Sharks
Tiago Rodrigues Ghan (BR), Adriana Bueno Da Silva de Bitencourt (BR), Eduardo Isaia (BR), Viviane Menisck Simão (BR), and Walter Nissa de Castro Neto (BR)